Jones Act Lawyer in Santa Barbara, Ventura & Oxnard

Injuries in ports and in the seas are inevitable. Maritime workers who have been involved in accidents and sickness while working in the sea are are protected by the law. The Jones Act Maritime Accident Lawyers in Santa Barbara and Oxnard will defend your right and will help you with the medical and financial compensation if you have been injured while performing maritime duties.

The Jones Act

Established in 1920, the Jones Act is a United States federal law that protects seamen in ways not provided by land-based laws. It is also a statute meant to protect the shipping industry and growth commerce. Under the Jones act, qualified seamen may seek legal compensation for their physical injuries and financial loses.

Legal Qualifications

As per maritime law, there are qualifications to meet for a worker to be covered by the Jones Act. A seaman is defined as someone who is employed with a shipping company and is pending at least 30% of his time working in ships or fleet of ships. His duties must be a contribution to the functions of the ship and tasks related to it. Other qualification is that the vessel has to be in navigation in open-waters like rivers, oceans and inland lakes. The vessel doesn’t have to be moving as long as it’s floating on the water, operational and able to travel without assistance from tugs and other vessels.

Employer Negligence

Compensation claims may be granted to seamen who had injuries as a result of employer’s negligence. Examples include:

  • Lack of safety training before allowing seamen to perform duties
  • Lack of tools and safety gears for the workers
  • Having obstructed decks
  • Failure to perform regular check-ups on equipment and parts

Know your rights, contact Jones Act lawyers in Santa Barbara, Oxnard and Ventura

Working in the seas is prone to accidents and injuries. If you have been injured while performing maritime duties, you have the right to seek longshore harbor workers compensation for your loss of earnings, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Contact your maritime accident lawyers from The Law Office of Osbelia Castillo. You deserve to claim. The Law Office of Osbelia Castillo is one of the leading personal injury law firms that provides jones act legal services in Santa Barbara, Oxnard and Ventura regions.