Motorcycles Accidents

Motorcycles Accidents

When riding a motorcycle, you are in a unique position on the road and have more freedom when it comes to driving. However, you are also exposed to dangers and difficulties not faced by other automobile transportation. You are more likely to experience serious injuries and even death. At The Law Office of Osbelia Castillo, our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you defend your claims and gain compensation for injuries met in Oxnard, Ventura and Santa Barbara regions.

Motorcycle Injuries

California is no exception with the number of injuries caused by motorcycle accidents. Some of the common injuries:

Head Injury

The most common injury from motorcycle accidents is a head injury. This may range from mild concussion to even brain damage.

Road Rash

During a motorcycle accident, riders usually slide across the pavement having their skin exposed and skidding across the road and in other concrete materials. Road rash is more than a cut or a scrape since it can lead to permanent damage like skin irritations and even nerve damage.

Muscle Damage

When not protected, muscle damage resulting from motorcycle injuries may result to permanent damage like paralysis. One of the most neglected muscle in motorcycling is the eardrum, which can lead to bursting and becoming deaf when overly exposed and unprotected.

Leg Injury

Another common injury from motorcycle accidents involve legs, knee and feet. Injuries can go from fractured bones, scrapes, large cuts, but can also worsen if not permanently disabling.

Biker’s Arm

This injury occurs after the initial aftermath of the accident. Having nor breaks and protective seatbelts unlike ordinary cars, it is the biker’s instinct to use his arms to lessen impact. This can cause to permanent nerve damage in the arm as well as the upper body.
These are some of the risks and injuries on the road every time you mount your motorcycle. Some victims can suffer more than physical injuries like emotional trauma. Our motorcycle lawyers at The Law Office of Osbelia Castillo can help you claim the compensation you need to cover for your injuries, suffering, and future medical costs.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Other Entities

Most motorcycle accident might have been caused by careless car drivers. Some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents brought about by other entities include:

Cars Making Left-Hand Turns

Because of the motorcycle’s small size, it makes it less visible to turning vehicles. Commonly, a turning car strikes a motorcycle when the latter: goes straight through an intersection, passes the car, or tries to overtake the car.

Road Conditions

Problems could arise for motorcycle riders due to road conditions such as holes and irregularities on the roads, wet and slippery surfaces.

Collisions with a Fixed Object

Some motorcyclists hit fixed and stationary objects, whether a tree, vehicle on the side streets, gates, etc. When a rider hits these objects, he may be thrown from the bike causing devastating injuries and death in some cases.

Seeking Help

Motorcycle accidents are life-threatening. Injuries may range from bruises, scrapes to permanent brain damage. It can also affect your mental and emotional stability, as well as your financial security. If you are inured in a motorcycle accident you should get in touch with The Law Office of Osbelia Castillo in Oxnard, Santa Barbara or Ventura to get compensation.


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