5 Ways to Earn Money If You’re Out Of Work Due to Injury

Suffering from personal injury is a huge fear for many. It’s not just the medical bills or the pain that is the worry, but also the fact that many people may find themselves out of work. Those with physical jobs rely heavily on their bodies in order to pay their bills and a personal injury can really put a dent in their finances. If you have suffered from an injury and are facing financial hardship due to being out of work, there is hope! Here are just a couple of ways that you can earn money if you find yourself out of work due to an injury.

Sell Online

The internet can be your best friend if you find yourself out of work. There are plenty of ways for you to sell things online. Start off with what you have at home. Is there an attic or basement full of things that you never use? Go through all of your “junk” and see what items you can get rid of. Have a yard sale, get on E-bay, TrueGether or Craigslist and see what you can earn some money for. If you have exhausted all of your personal items, try selling something that you make. Learn a new craft like woodworking, kitting or greeting card decoration and start earning cash. You can use sites like Etsy to sell what you make or go to local markets and sell your items.

File a Case

Depending on how you were injured, you may have a legal case to make. While not everyone is familiar with the legal process, nor wants to deal with it. Filing a case could be in your best interest. With a proper legal team to back you, there is a good chance that you could be entitled to some money to compensate you for the injury. It’s worth exploring to find out if your situation is eligible because you could get a payout. If you are on the fence, you can check out this personal injury resource guide by Jason Stone, to see if you qualify. While this may not solve the problem entirely, it could give you the cash that you need to supplement these other work alternatives until you can get back to your regular job.

Rent a Room

One of your best assets for making extra money may just be your home. The income would be nearly passive as you wouldn’t have to do much but make the arrangements. This may not be the most comfortable of options but it could be the easiest. And, as it won’t take up a lot of your time, you could actually earn an income from your space while still working on your other money making endeavors at the same time. You can list a room on Craigslist but if you happen to live in a destination that may be appealing to travelers, Airbnb could be a great option. The latter offers much more flexibility and often a higher income reward.

Become a Freelancer

Do you have any skills that are marketable? Take a moment to reflect on the things you are good at. Can you write, take good photography or video, do funny voice impersonations or make music? If so, there may be someone out there willing to pay you for these skills. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great platforms where freelancers of all kinds can offer their skills. It’s a great way to earn some money right from your computer.

Get Websites to Pay You

Another way to utilize your laptop is to find websites that will actually pay you to do work. You can try CrowdSource, for small tasks and writing jobs, Liveops, for phone answering services or Speakwrite, to transcribe information. Use Project Payday to get paid for giving testimonials, User Testing for testing websites and IZEA, a platform that pays you to take photos or blog. The options here are endless.

Don’t give up hope just because the job that you are used to doing is not an option at the moment. A personal injury is something that you can overcome and with these resources, you won’t have to do it without any cash coming in!


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